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Looking for a new eLearning designer for your next project?

I’m an eLearning Designer and Developer and Video Specialist.

Hello, my name is Chase Roberts! I’m an eLearning designer and developer and video specialist focused on providing new, fun and exciting ways to improve human performance. Whether you need a team of one or many, I combine a wealth of talent, skills and passion to come up with design and development solutions.

I’m more than an eLearning developer. I’m a problem solver. No matter the state of your project, whether a rough idea or a clearly laid out storyboard, I can pick up wherever you’re at. I know the full scope of eLearning design.

Just a few of the services I provide include:

  • Instructional Design (Needs Assessment, Design Document, Storyboard)
  • Articulate Storyline Development
  • Adobe Captivate Development
  • Graphics and Animation Creation with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Full Video Production Services (Writing, Filming, Editing)
  • Learning Management System Consultation
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Add A Little Extra

I was recently reminded of the real world of IDs being faced with certain compromises during development.  Sometimes IDs become discouraged when they believe project stakeholders are putting the importance of course completion ahead of actual learning. Sometimes...

Build a Learning Experience.

What I think.

I think stories are important. Stories provide a structure for remembering course material. Attempting to memorize a list of isolated concepts and definitions is difficult and no fun. But recalling an event in a story happens without trying. Stories provide natural connections between events and concepts. It’s like hearing one bar from a familiar song that brings back a flood of memories.

Keep Them Watching!

Keep learners engaged with eye-catching imagery, immersive interactions and snappy dialogue that rings true. After all, good entertainment holds our attention and makes for a memorable learning experience.

What my Clients Say

“When we needed a quick program for soft skills training, he quickly came up with a solution. When it came to software training, he once again found an approach that met our needs.”
– Training Manager, Public Utilities Organization

“By far, some of the most creative and high-quality courses I have seen in a long time.”
– Fortune 500 Biomedical Company

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“His scenario-based elearning is designed to engage and challenges the learner.”
– Hospitality Company

I’ve known Chase for over a decade and keep returning because he knows what it means to evolve and stay current with the changing world of eLearning and employee education.”
– Learning and Development Director, Telecommunications Company

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“Fresh ideas with a knack for finding technical solutions for quality eLearning.”
– VP Sales, Health Insurance Company

“Service is key to a successful partnership in a fast-paced, demanding environment such as ours. When the stakes are high and multiple videos and courses are due at the same time, Chase and his team always steps up to the challenge. His  detail-oriented team and adherence to a well-ordered design process makes everything fall into place every time.”
VP Human Resources, Major Aerospace Corporation

eLearning and Video


Custom eLearning engages and empowers the learner. Through relatable scenarios, engaging games, and thought-provoking learning assessments, the objective is to create something better than a course: a learning experience.

Passive text alone is not enough to fully engage the learner. Experiential learning is key to employee development. Learners learn by making choices and reflecting on their decisions.

Video in eLearning

Custom interactive video solutions mix storytelling with factual information that stimulate a need for learning. This is how we motivate and train employees. Video in eLearning has the potential to provide a context-based learning opportunity where learners with existing skills and experience rise to a new level of understanding.

Looking for a new eLearning designer for your next project?