financial software training

Financial Services Industry


Project Highlights
Storyline 360
Adobe CC


Financial advisors require tools to manage accounts and share information with clients. The objective of this course was to encourage financial advisors to embrace a newer and more efficient way of opening and managing accounts. While the financial industry has slowly moved away from paper documents and face to face meetings to maintain accounts and educate account holders, many advisors resist learning new digital solutions.

This project was created with Storyline 360 using Camtasia for animations and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for photo editing and graphics creation.

The point was to instill confidence; make the learner feel free to explore the tool on their own. “Get the learners’ feet wet” (not throw them into the deep end of the pool and cause further intimidation and discouragement). Think of it as a trust building exercise.

After introducing the benefits of the tool, the learner performs an account maintenance task on their own. Videos, animations and interactions introduce how this financial tool can improve services and ultimately lead to better customer satisfaction and improved profit. Interactive software simulations prompt decision-making with each click immediately followed by an encouraging response to help them along the way. If they feel comfortable enough to successfully complete this task, they should be able to do most tasks on their own. Each learning task is followed by a learning assessment that is also designed to build their confidence.

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