The Power of Video in eLearning.

Build a learning experience with video.

Video in eLearning

Custom interactive video solutions mix entertaining storytelling with factual information to stimulate a need for learning. Video in eLearning has the potential to provide a context-based teaching opportunity that allows learners with existing skills and experience to rise to a new level of understanding.

Here’s an entertaining, yet informative video we produced for a restaurant chain:

Creating Impactful Films

Your audience wants to be engaged, not dictated to. Think about ways to wrap your message in a story. For example, instead of having the CEO read a corporate message on camera, film a personal story from an employee.

Here’s a motivating film we created that provides a human perspective on the company they work for:

Keep it Real

You’ve heard it before: one size does NOT fit all. Know your audience and create for them. Adult learning requires that we keep things relevant and important to the learner. All of us love a good story. Harnessing the powers of drama and comedy with a convincing storyline leverages a basic human need to learn. Filmed storytelling in training has the power to intrinsically motivate employees to become actively engaged in the learning experience. And they come away with a crucial need to apply what they have learned to future experiences. So keep it real!

This film is for Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) with the objective to educate foster parents on caring for their children’s hair:

Good Storytelling Aids Recall

Stories provide a structure for remembering course material. Attempting to memorize a list of isolated concepts and definitions is difficult and no fun. But recalling an event in a story happens without trying. Stories by nature help create vivid mental images and cues for recall. Because stories provide natural connections between events and concepts, mentioning one part of the story may help evoke the other parts of the story. It’s like hearing one bar from a familiar song that can bring back a flood of memories.

Like this film, here. Regular table-top conversation among public utility professionals provides a cathartic opportunity for others to gain confidence and learn:

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